200 4-H exhibits and booth displays at the 2016 Boonville Oneida County Fair

4-H projects on display at the 2017 Fair

Oneida County Fair

For a week each summer, 4-H youth in Oneida County have an opportunity to share and showcase the projects they've been working on the Boonville-Oneida County Fair. The public is invited to come and watch our 4-H youth at the fair as they:

  • Display what they have learned
  • Learn & Apply research based subject matter
  • Receive recognition
  • Promote public awareness of the Oneida County 4-H Youth Development Program.

Important Exhibitor Information

**Please note that 4-H Members must complete 6 hours of Community Service prior to July 1st in order to exhibit an animal or project at the County Fair. 

Animal Entries

All Animal Entries will be taken as online registrations at the following links. Please contact the 4-H staff with any questions or concerns.

Enter my 4-H Dairy Project

Enter my 4-H Beef Project

Enter my 4-H Dog Project

Enter my 4-H Goat Project

Enter my 4-H Sheep Project

Enter my 4-H Swine Project

Enter my 4-H Rabbit/Cavy Project

Enter my 4-H Poultry Project

Horse Show Registration Links:

Enter my 4-H Horse in English Day

Enter my 4-H Horse in Western Day

Enter my 4-H Horse in Gymkhana Day

Horse Forms


Lisa Farney
Youth Development Educator
(315) 736-3394 Ext. 122

Last updated July 26, 2019