Sexual Harassment Training and Policy Requirements in the Workplace in NY

Employers have until Oct. 9, 2019 to provide sexual harassment training to all of their employees, but a policy MUST be in place by Oct. 9 of this year.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Oneida County (CCE) has put together current documents you can use to put in place by Oct 9, to meet your obligations. The policy documents can be found on the CCE website. Be sure to fill in the blanks, on the policy documents, then communicate to all employees where access to this document is located. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out CCE.

CCE is working on gathering the required training needed for all employees by the Oct 9, 2019 deadline.

If you do NOT yet have a policy:

  • Download the model policy, available online:
  • • Customize the document by filling in the employer name, person or office designated to receive complaints and appropriate contact information, as highlighted throughout.

    • You may choose to modify the policy to reflect the work of your organization and industry specific scenarios or best practices.

    • Review the online FAQs, which outline numerous common questions that may arise:

    • Distribute a copy of your finalized policy to all employees in writing. This may be done electronically, for example, by email. Employers are also encouraged to have employees acknowledge receipt of the policy, and to post a copy of the policy where employees can easily access it.

    • You are also encouraged to provide the policy and training to anyone providing services in the workplace. 

    Last updated October 9, 2018