Fingerprinting process


Fingerprinting is required for the Owner/Operator, On-Site Provider, Household Members over the age of 18, Assistants, Alternate Providers, Alternate Assistants, Substitutes as well as all Employees and Volunteers in accordance with New York State law and OCFS child care regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: Fingerprint cards have been replaced with an automated fingerprint imaging process.

1. Anyone who has been previously fingerprinted by OCFS for the purposes of child day care or foster care or adoption approval, fingerprints may not need to be taken again. Contact your licensor or registrar before continuing.

2. If anyone has not been fingerprinted by OCFS before, you must go to an authorized digital imaging center in New York State.

  • Complete the Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services form on the next page;
  • Schedule an appointment by calling 1-877-472-6915 or by clicking here.
  • You can select the location for your fingerprinting when you schedule your appointment.

3. The Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services Form must be completed accurately with no blank fields. Use the information from this form when making the appointment. When being fingerprinted for child day care purposes, please disregard the foster care/adoption fields.

  • Make sure that the Facility/Agency ID Number and the Facility Name/Address under the “Contributor Agency Section” are completed correctly. The Facility/Agency ID number is the license/registration number assigned to the program for which you are applying.
  • Each person to be fingerprinted must complete the Applicant section with their own information. For the purposes of this form, “Applicant” means the person to be fingerprinted.
  • Everyone must also select the appropriate role in the Child Day Care/Role of Applicant section.

4. On the day of the fingerprinting appointment:

  • Bring the completed form for each person being fingerprinted. No one will be fingerprinted without this form. There are no blank forms available at the scan location.
  • Each person must bring the appropriate Identification (ID) listed on the back of the form. No one will be fingerprinted without appropriate ID.
  • Your picture will be taken and your identification will be validated.

Additional “Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services” forms (OCFS-4930) are available online at or by calling 518-473-0971 (refer to form number OCFS 4930).

If you have additional questions, please contact your licensor or registrar.


Tammy Ablang
Early Care & Learning Subject Educator
(315) 223-7850 Ext. 222

Last updated August 7, 2017