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Rust 2 Green

Advancing Green Futures for New York's Rust-Belt Cities

Cornell Cooperative Extension Oneida County has partnered with faculty from Cornell's Department of Landscape Architecture to foster the creation and sharing of relevant knowledge, creative and collaborative problem-solving, co-learning and networking that results in greater innovation, self-reliance, capacity-building and urban andregional renewal and resilience.

R2G NY is the Rust to Green New York Action Research Initiative
  • R2G NY envisions a shift from a narrative of loss- RUST- to a narrative of potential-GREEN in New York State’s Rust Belt.
  • R2G NY is a collaborative and action-oriented; acts to foster positive change that is locally driven, participatory, place-based, creative and innovative and that both builds on and fosters the social, cultural, economic and environmental assets, strengths and resilience of communities and regions.
  • R2G NY believes that academia and higher education are among Upstate NY’s most valued assets and that they have a vital role to play in helping New York’s Rust Belt cities and communities “bounce back,” grow more resilient and ultimately prosper.
  • R2G NY helps Cornell educators, researchers and students act together with community partners andstakeholders to identify community assets and potentials as well as problems and needs and then to imagineand implement innovative and transformative strategies, solutions and action steps.
  • R2G NY plays a linking and networking role by facilitating collective place-based problem solving, using sustainable design and planning theories, principles and practices that is enabling, actionable and visionary.
  • R2G NY, by action and process, mobilizes key actors, creates and activates integrated networks and systems and identifies and generates knowledge and resources relevant to communities, planners, designers, policymakers and citizens.
  • R2G NY’s home base is in Cornell University's Department of Landscape Architecture and is the direct result of USDA Hatch Project entitled From Rust to Green Places and Networks: Mapping a Sustainable Future for Upstate NY (NYC-146455).

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Last updated May 26, 2017