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Team Up!

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Team Up! seeks to combat the Opioid Epidemic and reduce the prevalence of other Substance Use Disorders in our area through education. The program provides information, resources and presentations that support development of communication skills, emotional literacy skills, coping skills, self-regulation, stress management and healthy decision making. The program also promotes personal resilience building and supports healthy social emotional development

Executive Function skills sometimes called 21st Century skills are the social emotional skills we all need to be successful in life. These skills include a healthy self-esteem, being able to communicate, being able to recognize and manage emotions, the ability to form strong, interpersonal relationships, being able to collaborate and cooperative, being persistent, being flexible and being able to problem solve. Developing these skills helps children be successful learners and helps adults live healthy productive lives


Ellen Olson
Team Up!, Early Care & Learning, Subject Educator I
(315) 223-7850 Ext 235

Last updated April 22, 2020