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Dairy Farmer Sustainability Action Plan

2018 Dairy Farmer Action Plan

Dairy Farmer Sustainability Action Plan
Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. led a forum Dec 10th in which the county’s Dairy Farmer Sustainability Action Plan was reviewed by local dairy farmers at CCE Oneida County

The two-hour forum presented Oneida County dairy farmers with an in-depth review of the action plan and an update on its implementation. It also provided those in attendance with the opportunity to offer input on plan improvements. “I want our dairy farmers to know that Oneida County’s commitment to finding solutions for their struggles is unwavering,” Picente said. “From the first pledge I made during my State of the County Address in March, to the constructive first forum we held and the resulting action plan that is already being implemented, to this evening’s event, I will continue to do everything in my power to assist our dairy farmers. Agriculture is vital to the future of this community and we must do all we can to preserve it.”
After the extensive input dairy farmers provided after the first forum that took place in May, Picente presented the Oneida County Dairy Farmer Sustainability Action Plan in late August, and since that time, multiple items have or are in the process of being implemented.