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Please look here to find publications from the Child Care Council including news releases, articles and our quarterly newsletter the Child Care Chatterbox.

Child Care Chatterbox Quarterly Newsletter

2019: Spring 2019Summer 2019Fall 2019

2018: Spring 2018Summer 2018, Fall 2018Winter 2018

2017: Spring 2017,SummerFall 2017Winter 2017

2016: Spring 2016Summer 2016, Fall 2016Winter 2016

2015: Spring 2015Summer 2015, Fall 2015Winter 2015

*Summer 2017 Edition of the Child Care Chatterbox has been lost and cannot be published.  We're sorry for the inconvenience.  Please contact Courtney Jones if you have any questions or concerns.


Courtney A. Jones
Communications Coordinator
(315) 223-7850 Ext. 230

Last updated November 6, 2019