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Learn about buying, storing and safely burning firewood in our "Heating with Wood" section!


Energy production, conservation and emerging renewable energy opportunities represent some of the most complex economic and environmental challenges of our time.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County can help you learn about smart energy alternatives for your farm or your home. CCE has also developed educational curricula for the classroom to help prepare the next generation of energy consumers, which are available for download here.

Hand washing dishes in a sink. On side is soapy water for washing; the other is clean water for rinsing

Saving Water & Energy

You can save water AND energy when you wash dishes by not leaving the water running and by only washing when you have a sink full of dishes. Find more tips here.

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CFL lightbulb surrounded by incandescent bulbs (NOTE: this is used by CCE-Tompkins as the image for $ave Energy, Save Dollars workshops)

Energy Saving Tips

Whether it is winter or summer, there are ways to save energy around your home! Visit our pages for seasonal tips, plus more on saving energy with lighting and water use.

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Wood Pile by Eric Banford

Storing Firewood

Unlike most fuels, firewood can be stored indefinitely, safely and without degrading. Learn correct storage techniques here.

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Energy Star logo

What is EnergyStar?

Energy Star products are those that meet energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

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Last updated July 31, 2018