Daffodils are one popular flower grown from bulbs.
Image by Mick Maguire

Daffodils are one popular flower grown from bulbs.

Flower Gardening

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Garden Design Tips

Our fact sheets on Flower Garden Design can help you create visually pleasing gardens around your home.

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Wildflower Fact Sheets

Thinking of starting a wildflower garden on your property, or incorporating some wildflowers into your more formal borders? Get guidance from our fact sheets.

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Perennial Fact Sheets

The use of perennials in your flower garden ensures that you will have beautiful blooms that return year after year. Find popular perennials in our fact sheets.

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Preserving Flowers

Flowers can provide continuing enjoyment when you preserve them in dried bouquets, use them to create sachets, or save their seeds for the coming year! Here's how!

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Annual Fact Sheets

Give your garden some punch by choosing colorful annuals. They only last a season but they provide great variety and color in your landscape.

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Bulb & Tuber Fact Sheets

There are many popular flowers that you can grow from bulbs or tubers, and enjoy year after year. Learn about some varieties, and how to care for them, here.

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Last updated May 9, 2017