Before 1978, household paint often contained lead.
Image by Sandy Repp

Before 1978, household paint often contained lead.

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This section of our website includes information and resources on topics related to the physical aspects of housing, such as indoor air quality, water purity, safety in the home, and home maintenance and repairs. We also provide information, resources and classes in the areas of personal financial management and consumer issues.


Homemade Cleansers

Learn how to make your own cleaning products to not only save money but to also help the environment and your home.

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Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lead is highly toxic and dangerous. Learn how it can affect you and what you can do.

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Therapy Dog Program

The Cornell Companions Oneida County Volunteer Program provides reading education assistance to improve the literacy skills of children, employing a unique approach and a classic concept: reading with a dog.

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Water Quality

Find consumer information about drinking water, home water treatment, wells, septic systems, bottled water, and other water quality issues here.

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Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Do you know what radon is? Where it is? How to test for it? Learn about it here and how to get a free radon home test kit.

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Flooded Wells

If your well has been submerged during a flood, there are steps to take to decontaminate it so that your water will again be safe to drink.

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Last updated July 21, 2017