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Below are links to applications for a few unique opportunities for 4-H members:

Learn & Share Contest Application

Hooves and Boots Award in memory of Elijah Jacob Dibble

The Dibble Family of West Winfield is sponsoring the Hooves and Boots Award in memory of their son Elijah Jacob Dibble. They would like to give the opportunity to own a Normande heifer to a deserving youth ages 8-17. A Normande is a unique French breed of cattle that was developed for both meat and milk. The recipient will gain experience caring for, owning, and showing a Normande heifer. In addition the award will encourage youth to develop an interest in the breed along with promoting the Normande breed. The winner will also receive one year membership to the North American Normande Association. Applicants are strongly encouraged to be 4-H or FFA members. Applications are available at http://hoovesandboots.org/ and are due on May 1st. The heifer will be awarded on May 15th. For more information visit the website or contact CCE of Oneida County at 736-3394 ext. 108 or email seb286@cornell.edu

New York State Guernsey Calf Award Application

The Calf Scholarship Award Program is sponsored by the New York State Guernsey Breeders Association for the purpose of encouraging those who do not presently own Guernseys to become involved with the Guernsey Breed. A purebred Guernsey Calf will be awarded to the applicant who shows interest in the Guernsey breed and who has demonstrated the capabilities of developing the animal to its fullest potential. Applicant must be age 9-15 as of January 1st of application year. You do not have to belong to 4-H, FFA, or a breed club to participate

Click here for the application

4-H Earn-A-Friend

The 4-H Earn-A-Friend program allows for 4-H members (ages 8 to 19 as of January 1, 2016) to earn a female sheep, goat, swine, rabbit or hen. The youth and parents agree to accept all costs associated with their project animal. When their animal is of breeding age they agree to breed it. The resulting offspring is then given to another deserving youth who applies to the program. This program requires dedication from the youth member and support from their guardians. Youth applying for a friend must prove that they have adequate housing for the animal, and aware of the costs and time associate with the award. Through the 4-H Earn-A-Friend Project, 4-H youth will learn planning, time management, organization, and record keeping skills.

2016 Earn a Friend Information and Requirements

2016 Earn a Friend Application

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