Dog Obedience Class
Image by Sandy Repp

Dog Obedience Class

4-H Dog Obedience

Oneida County offers a 4-H Dog Obedience Program for youth ages 9 to 19 years. Classes usually being in April and meet once per week for approximately eight weeks.

The classes teach the youth how to properly train their dog at home. Dogs are brought to the classes but the majority of the training is expected to take place at home. The youth will learn how to teach their dog to sit, heal, come, halt, stand, stay, and down. The dog is trained using positive reinforcement. The most important part of this program is learning about dogs while having fun. Upon completion of this program youth may participate in the Oneida County 4-H Dog Show usually held at the Boonville Oneida County Fair. All dogs must be at least 6 months of age.

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Lisa Farney
Youth Development Educator
(315) 736-3394 Ext. 122

Last updated February 1, 2018