Intergenerational Gardening

Youth from The House of Good Shepherd in Utica, NY come on a rotating bases to the Parker F. Scripture Botanical Gardens located at Cornell Cooperative Extension. From May to the end of September, youth work and learn with the Master Gardeners Volunteers. The Trellis Garden has accessible raised wooden garden beds that the youth use to grow their vegetables and flowers. They learn about healthy snacks from the garden too. The kids learn how to deadhead, water, identify weed plants, and pull weeds. Youth are also learning about nature; taking time to go on a nature trail to experience the woods and view the butterflies in the butterfly house.

During the fall and winter months, Master Gardener Volunteers will meet with the youth at the House of Good Shepherd once a month to do garden/nature related activities.

Intergenerational Gardening gives youth the opportunity to develop healthy living skills while gardening with Master Gardeners Volunteers and experiencing nature.


Holly Wise
Consumer Horticulture Educator, Plant Science Educator
(315) 736-3394 Ext. 125

Last updated March 1, 2017