Dairy cattle at Lew-Lin farm, Dryden NY
Image by Sandy Repp

Dairy Cattle in Dryden, NY

Woods Farm Agricultural School Day
Image by Holly Boname

Dairy Cattle


Abundant natural rainfall and a great tradition of dairy farming makes the Northeast an important dairy-producing area of the country.

With the ongoing issues facing Oneida County Dairy Farmers, Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. led a forum on Dec 10, 2017 in which the county’s Dairy Farmer Sustainability Action Plan was reviewed by local dairy farmers at CCE Oneida County

After the extensive input dairy farmers provided after the first forum that took place in May, Picente presented the Oneida County Dairy Farmer Sustainability Action Plan in late August of 2018, and since that time, multiple items have or are in the process of being implemented. 
2018 Dairy Farmer Action Plan


Cornell University Pro-Dairy - a NYS dairy industry educational program, enables farm families and other agricultural professionals to realize their values and strive to achieve their professional and personal goals

Cornell University Dairy Management Program - gain further understanding of the integration and application of dairy farm management principles and programs with respect to progressive dairying and related industries through Cornell's site

Dairy Reproduction Protocols - This page on the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council lists A.I. Protocols for cows and heifers, in English and Spanish languages.

New York State Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services - this NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets website has a dual role to protect the health and welfare of the people of New York State and to help promote the agricultural economic development of the dairy industry through various economic controls and programs

NYS 4-H Youth Dairy Programs - provides children and teens with dairy related events, activities and resources.
Dairy Safety Training Video's on Dairy Safety


Marylynn Collins
Dairy & Livestock Educator
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Last updated January 6, 2020