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About Us

Welcome to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County!

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County improves the lives of individuals and their communities through the excellence and relevance of our programs and services. As an extension of Cornell University, we provide objective, up-to-date, research-based solutions and processes that support children, youth, child care providers, landowners, farm and business operators, and local government officials. We are partners in creating strong and resilient economies, practicing environmental stewardship, building safe and healthy families, and guiding sustainable development practices.

Oneida County is strong, vibrant, and resilient. Cornell Cooperative Extension is a trusted partner and valued resource. Our programs and educators positively impact key issues linked to the critical social, economic, and environmental needs of our region. We actively build reciprocal partnerships that connect land-grant universities to the everyday challenges and opportunities of our constituents.

At Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County we believe that access to information, education, and resources are fundamental to the well-being of our land, economy, and people. As individual members of the community, we take pride in our professionalism as service providers and educators. Our programs and practices are responsive to the diverse needs and distinct cultural values of our region. We are committed to a work environment that is ethical, balanced, trusting, and fair. Our interactions are guided by a drive for service, compassion, and respect for one another and all members of society.

CCE Oneida is a subordinate governmental agency with an educational mission that operates under a form of organization and administration approved by Cornell University as agent for the State of New York. It is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The association is part of the national cooperative extension system, an educational partnership between County, State, and Federal governments. As New York’s land grant university Cornell administers the system in this state. Each Cornell Cooperative Extension association is an independent employer that is governed by an elected Board of Directors with general oversight from Cornell. All associations work to meet the needs of the counties in which they are located as well as state and national goals.

Visit us at:

CCE Oneida Farm & Home Center
121 Second Street
Oriskany, New York 13424


Weekdays 8am-4pm

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