Colorado potato beetle

Colorado potato beetle

Pest, Weed & Disease Identification & Control

This page contains resources that apply to multiple crops. For information about specific crops please visit the Crop Information by Type section of our site.

Cornell Cooperative Extension recognizes the potential environmental and health risks of the use of pesticides. When they are used, CCE encourages the use of Integrated Pest Management techniques to minimize those impacts.

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship

Integrated Pest Management (NYS IPM)

Cornell Resources

Insect Diagnostic Lab

Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic

Wildlife Control

Other Resources

Turf Weed Identifier (Michigan State U.)

Weed Fact Sheets (Penn State U.)

Weed Science (U. of Illinois)

Weed Identification Guide (Virginia Tech)

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship

Last updated March 7, 2022