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Help Paying for Child Care

Child care expenses are often the highest expense for families in the United States.  This is particularly true in New York State, which is one of the least-affordable child care states for 2015.

The Child Care Council can connect parents and families to resources that can lessen the burden of the cost of child care.

Child Care Subsidies

Department of Social Services offers daycare assistance for recipients of temporary assistance who are working and/or participating in an approved training or educational program and meet requirements. Day care assistance is also available for working individuals who are not receiving temporary assistance if they qualify financially and meet the other requirements.

Those who qualify for day care assistance are offered the option of selecting a provider from a list of licensed day care centers or licensed/registered family or group child care providers. They may also select a friend, relative, neighbor, etc. who can apply to be enrolled as an informal provider.

New income eligibility will allow more families to receive child care assistance.  Please review the income eligibility guidelines below and contact your local department of Social Services for more information.


Family Size Income Level
1 $51,610
2 $67,490
3 $83,370
4 $99,250
5 $115,130
6 $131,010

For more information, please call:

Herkimer County DSS Day Care Unit - 315-867-1233

Madison County DSS Day Care Unit - 315-366-2211

Oneida County DSS Day Care Unit - 315-266-6191

WDI Funding for Oneida County 315.793.5305 wdiny.org/childcare


Tammy Ablang
Early Care & Learning Subject Educator
(315) 223-7850 x 222

Last updated December 22, 2023