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It makes good business sense to support quality local chid care!

For Employers

Child Care and Working Parents

Studies show that parents who are confident in their child's care arrangements are happier employees who perform better, and have reduced absences and tardiness.

Parents who are unhappy with their child's care arrangements or who choose not to return to work after the birth of a child have a direct impact on their employer. Employers can be proactive and supportive of their employees with young children!

Here are some ideas on how you can reduce your staff turnover and increase job productivity and employee morale when enhancing your reputation as a family-friendly employer:

  • Refer your parent employees to the Child Care Council's child care referral service, which will provide your employees with a listing of New York State regulated child care programs for all shifts of care and information and tips on how to select a quality child care program.
  • Offer on-site Lunch & Learn parenting education sessions, presented by the Child Care Council, for employees during their scheduled lunch break.
  • Work with the Child Care Council to conduct surveys or assessments to determine how you can best meet the child care needs of your employees.
  • Support mothers who plan on breastfeeding their baby after returning to work. Did you know that New York State law "requires employers to provide uncompensated time, and make a reasonable effort to provide private space for women to express milk or nurse their children . . .it also bars an employer from discriminating against an employee exercising this right. For more information on this law, click here.
  • Allow paid nursing breaks for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Implement a Babies to Work policy, which allows parents to bring their newborn baby to work with them.
  • Offer job sharing.

NOTE: The Child Care Council neither recommends nor endorses any child care service. It is ultimately a parent's responsibility to select a child care program, we encourage parents to check references, interview child care providers, and visit program sites.

For more information on how the Child Care Council can assist you and your employees, contact us at (315) 223-7850


Richelle Singer
Early Care & Learning Issue Leader
(315) 223-7850 x223

Last updated April 4, 2024