Start A Child Care Business

Have you thought about becoming a licensed child care provider?

Start A Child Care Business

Do you love children? Do you wish you could stay home with your children, but your family depends on your income? Consider becoming a New York State certified child care provider, and begin a career so nice it hugs you!

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to become a registered* or licensed* child care provider:

Step 1. Watch the Child Day Care Online Orientation webinar. This course from OCFS will help you to learn about NYS regulations, the application process, possible grant funding, and services the Child Care Council offers to you.

Step 2. You will receive a NYS Child Care application packet after you complete the online course. If you need help with this application, please contact the Child Care Council.

Step 3. Complete your application packet. Some things to remember:

  • The prospective provider, all household members 18 years or older, and any substitute need to be fingerprinted and complete State Central Registry background check.
  • There may be a possible inspection of water and/or heat source, and/or environmental hazard clearance.
  • Completion of a full written application includes detailing example child care routines, explanation of discipline policy & health care plan, and mapping of program area.
  • Prospective provider and all household members must submit proof of current medical physical condition.

Step 4. Submit completed application to licensed/registered representative/completed application is received by licensing representative. While waiting for your licensing representative to review your application packet:

  • Research updates to new and current insurance policies-liability, health, home and auto.

Step 5. Licensing/registrar representative will visit the program site to ensure that it complies with NYS child care regulations, passes the site if it meets NYS regulations for childcare. Prospective provider becomes registered/licensed by NYS to provide childcare as outlined within NYS regulation. If your program/site does not meet regulations for child care, inadequacies will have to corrected.


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Last updated April 4, 2024