Sheep grazing under solar panels in Solar Park of the Benelux, Deme in Belgium
Image by Antalexion

Farm Energy

Smart energy use on the farm is an important part of farm viability. Emerging technologies also present opportunities for farms to produce energy and even to harvest "carbon credits" for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. See below, as well as the links on the right for specific topics.

Cornell Resources

Cornell Small Farms Program - Farm Energy

Northeast regional climate center

Sun Grant Initiative

Grazing Sheep on Solar Sites in New York State: Opportunities and Challenges

Other Resources

Agrivoltaics (NYSERDA)

Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy (USDA Sustainable Ag Research & Education)

Energy Efficiency Improvements for Farms (NYSERDA)

Farm Energy Alternatives (National Sustainable Ag Information Service - ATTRA)

Farmers' Handbook for Energy Self-Reliance (Vermont Law School)

Renewable & Alternative Energy (Penn State U.)

Sustainable Ag Energy (eXtension)

Vermont Bioenergy Initiative - Vermont farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers are building an alternative model of bioenergy production that is small-scale, community focused, economical and sustainable. Click the link to view videos from the project.

Energy Conservation

Farm Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Farmstead Energy Audits

Farmstead Energy Audits (North Dakota State U.)

Farm Energy Audits - Availability, Usefulness, and Cost (National Center for Appropriate Technology)

Innovation Center for US Dairy

Energy-efficient Farm Operations

Energy-efficient Tractor & Field Operations

Energy Consumption Awareness Tools (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Farm Equipment Energy Efficiency

The Residential Agriculture Discount Program

The Residential Agricultural Discount Program is an electricity rate discount available to farm businesses which have a residence connected to the same electric meter as the farm business.

New applications, and yearly renewals if you already participate in the program, need to be submitted by JULY 1 st. If you have a residence on the same electric meter as your farm business and you file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a farm business with either an:

  • IRS - Schedule F (Form 1040) or,
  • IRS Form 1120, 1120S, or 1065,

you can apply for this Discount, even if you generate your own electricity. Applications are available on your utility company website, along with eligibility criteria and other information. Or you can contact your utility company directly.

National Grid Website

NYSEG Website

The Residential Agricultural Discount Program is funded through the New York Power Authority - ReCharge New York program.

Contact your service provider if you have questions. 

Last updated January 11, 2024