4-H enrollment night

The 4-H year runs from October 1st to September 30th

Become a Member or Volunteer

Become a Member

Who's Eligible ?

4-H is open to all youth between the ages of 5 and 18 as of January 1st of the current year.

Cloverbuds - 5 to 7 years

Traditional 4-H Members - 8 to 18 years

Become a Volunteer

Whether you want to be a club leader or work with kids on a short-term project, there's a role for you in 4-H. Many volunteer roles involve working directly with youth while others do not. Some volunteers are engaged with the program for a long period of time, such as leading a 4-H Club for several years. Others volunteer on a one-time, short-term or even an annual basis, for example, being a homework helper at an after school program, volunteering at a special interest workshop, serving as a judge for public speaking or for an event at the 4-H Youth Fair. In whatever role you may choose to volunteer, our 4-H office can provide training, resources and support that can help make your volunteer position as rewarding as possible for everyone involved.

Prospective volunteers complete an Enrollment Form. In addition, those who volunteer to work directly with youth will be asked to consent to a criminal background screening, Annual Sexual Harassment Training(10 minute video), one-time CCE Reference Check as a means of ensuring the safety and security both of our volunteers and of the people we serve through our programs.

Enrollment Fees

Annual Member Enrollment Fee: $20 per Member with a maximum of $40 per family*

*Family is defined as two or more Youth, Adults do not count

Annual 4-H Volunteer Fee: There is $10 enrollment fee per adult volunteer**

**This helps defray the cost of the mandatory background checks, motor vehicle records and insurance.

Payment should be in check form. Checks Payable: CCE ONEIDA

For Re-enrolling Members and Volunteers Enrollments received after December 1st will be subjected to a Late Fee of a Doubled Enrollment Fee. 

If someone is joining 4-H for the first time they may enroll anytime between October 1st and May 15th for the $20 new member fee! New members intending to show at the County Fair must enroll by May 1st.

The annual fees are used to defray the costs of printing newsletters, mailings related to major events, activities and insurance cost. Youth who are unable to pay the fee will not be prohibited from participating in the 4-H program. Please call the Oneida County 4-H Office at 315-736-3394 to discuss this issue.

Enrollment Application Options

Enrollment is OPEN October 1st to May 15th

4-H Member Enrollment Forms

4-H Member Enrollment Paperwork

Youth Enrollment Signature Page    Use to upload for Online Enrollment Form Section

4-H Volunteer Enrollment Forms

4-H Volunteer Enrollment Paperwork

Reference Check Form - Submit 2 Completed References Form with Application.

Sexual Harassment Video Link

Adult Enrollment Signature Page     Use to upload for Online Enrollment Form Section

Last updated April 10, 2024