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In 1998 Oneida County lost two well known, local, horse enthusiasts; Audrey Seybold and Raymond Guth. Audrey was the coordinator of the Oneida County Horse Program for many years, she was also a 4-H leader. Ray was the owner of Ski Hi Ranch, a boarding and training facility in Sauquoit. Audrey Seybold and Raymond Guth shared a love of horses and were firmly convinced of the positive effect that a horse can have in molding a youth’s character.

Seybold/Guth Scholarship Application

Memorial Scholarship

The Memorial Scholarship program was designed to create a memorial for deceased Extension volunteers, staff and 4-H members. Specifically the program is a testimony to Mary Planow and Shirley Nuessle, 4-H Volunteers, Bruce Field and Eric Kresse, who served as Extension Agents for many years, Alberta Schallenberg, a 4-H Leader for 75 years and Melissa Vaill a 4-H member.

Memorial Scholarship Application

New York State Farm Bureau

The NYFB Promotion & Education Committee enlists volunteers from all over the state to educate the public, including adults and children, about agriculture at a variety of events and through many different projects.

The State Promotion & Education Committee consists of an elected representative from each of 11 regions, an elected chair (who also sits on the NYFB Board), and up to three appointed At-Large members. These individuals help to coordinate events in all of the counties in their region.

Each year the ProEd Committee sponsors a scholarship for high school seniors. District winners receive $100 plus a gift and compete for the state-wide scholarships, offered in $1,500, $1,200 and $1,000 denominations. Scholarships are awarded at the ProEd Spring Conference the following spring.

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