Project Record Books

A project record book is not meant to be a chore. Instead, it is a way for you to learn. Here are some important reasons why 4-H expects you to complete a 4-H record book for your project. Keeping a 4-H record book will help you …

  • Learn how to organize yourself
  • Learn how to set reasonable goals for yourself
  • Appreciate what you’ve learned this year from the goals you reached
  • Recognize what things you learned in your 4-H project
  • Explain what you’ve learned
  • Keep track of costs of your project
  • Gather information needed to apply for awards and scholarships
  • Complete applications and resumes for jobs and college
  • Meet requirements to participate in some county, state, or national 4-H events.

The following Project Record Books are available to download and print:

Last updated April 3, 2023